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PVG Pharmasciences Provides Innovative and Quality Solutions for Pharmacovigilance

About PVG Pharmasciences

PVG Pharmasciences, is a subsidiary of Clinical Research Network India and a top-tier, fully integrated pharmacovigilance services provider established to hasten the client success with the team of well-versed experts from the Medical and pharmaceutical sector.

We provide unique and affordable processes and maintain safety data solution for pharmacovigilance services, ranging from Signal detection, Safety data base, development of PSMF, writing of PSUR, RMP, Pharmacovigilance (PV) System Establishment, Global & Regional Literature screening, collection processing & submission of the ADRs (ICSR) and other Pharmacovigilance services.

As a pharmacovigilance service provider, our expertise meets all your post Marketing Authorisation needs and adhere to the compliance of different regulatory obligations for your pharmaceutical product.

Our Aim is focussed on safeguarding the patient’s life & prioritising their safety through continuous product safety monitoring & assessing the risk associated with your pharmaceutical product during the entire cycle of your product.

At PVG Pharmasciences we are poised to deliver value & ensure the balance of Risk-Benefits of your product.

The Numbers Reflect Our Success.

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Our Services

Safety Database Services

PVG Pharmasciences offer a fully managed and maintained safety data solution with a European Database, enabling...

Writing Of PSUR, RMP & Signal...

Periodic publication of aggregate safety reports & compiled drug data gives Regulatory Authorities a thorough insight of ...

Risk Management Plan

The RMP gives data about the observed risks, potential risks, and any missing data as well as a description of the risk management process...

Signal Detection

The identification and assessment of safety signals related to the use of a pharmaceutical product are crucial components of ongoing ...

(PV) System Establishment

PVG Pharmasciences establish and maintain the entire pharmacovigilance system, including development of Pharmacovigilance System...

Development And Maintenance of (PSMF)

The RMP gives data about the observed risks, potential risks, and any missing data as well as a description of the risk management process...

PVG Pharmasciences Service Listing

The PVG Pharmasciences team has core competency in creating PSMF, PSMF summary (CTD Module 1.8.1) and supporting...

QPPV And Local Pharmacovigilance Representative’s Services

The Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) is a professional who’s solely liable for the safety of the...

Medical Literature Screening

The identification of reportable Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) and the detection of new safety is crucial for ensuring compliance ...


PVG Pharmasciences is looking for variety of roles, and talented individuals to join our team

Drop your CV at


Transparency is assured at every step of our projects as we take pride in providing the highest quality pharmacovigilance solutions. We are dedicated to do what is the best for the client.


We ensure high productivity and efficiency, keeping client satisfaction at the centre of all deliverables. Punctuality and perfection are our driving mottos.

Commitment to Customers

With laser sharp focus on client expectations, the client servicing team and project management teams, develop highly customized solutions to meet the client’s vision. When you have PVG Pharmasciences for your QPPV requirement, you can be confident that you will receive the best support at affordable prices.


Clear strategy and decisions backed by technology ensures we bring nothing less than brilliance to the table. PVG Pharmasciences can assign a regional or local Pharmacovigilance Specialist to conduct exhaustive review of regional non-indexed medical and scientific articles, for identifying and processing of ICSRs and other pertinent safety data.


Phone Number

+91- 9695237796, +91- 8700304154

Corporate Address

B-806,807 Advant Navis Business Park Plot #7, Noida- Greater Noida Expressway, Sector-142, Noida (Delhi-NCR)-201305

Europe (Regional Office)

Portugal: World Odissey LDA, Sintra, Portugal
Germany: Group Bellheimer Weg 15, 76771, Hordt, Germany